Media and Logo Branding, Commercial Film, Marketing and Promotion!

Awaken Youth Conference is a Christian Ministry with the goal of spreading the gospel of Jesus and also helping a local community in and around NC. When we first started helping this organization, it started out with a logo design which evolved to us creating flyers and creating media for promotional purposes, as well as media to show during the conference. 

The media we were able to create for this ministry was a huge hit and helped them reach hundreds within a short amount of time. The conference was a huge success and we are already in the works to produce the media for the next one! 

A Look At What We Did!

AwakenYC Logo Design by nFocus Pictures

Logo Design

If you know anything about the Christian faith, you would know that God and His Son, Jesus, are referred to as The Lion and The Lamb. You also know that Christ is King of Kings. That is where the inspiration of this logo came from. The lion represents the awesome power and presence of God with the crown representing the King of Kings.

AwakenYC Flyer Created by nFocus Pictures

Promotional Flyers

Something they asked for right after the logo design was for us to help create a flyer that they could us to push the event to the local community. Flyers are a great way to market to a large, general audience. So this is what we created!




Promotional Film

So to help increase their visibility, we also created for them a promotional video the market and promote the actual conference! They received awesome remarks and reviews about the film. It definitely added more online and social media presence that was shared multiple times and viewed over and over!