Crossfit, Crossfit Boxes and Media!

We have recently been involved in a lot of Crossfit events as well as filming smaller commercial shoots for their gyms (In the Crossfit world a gym is a "Box"). 

Crossfit is simply the most rigorous exercise program I have ever come across! I have lifted, done cardio via running, cycling, etc. I have been around the block in terms of average everyday fitness. But I can tell you, Crossfit is not average! I did Crossfit back in 2005 before Crossfit became what it is today. I fell out of training for a long time for one reason or another (excuses really) and since I have started coming back around, I can quickly see that Crossfit is BOOMING! The workouts are serious, but the camaraderie and benefits are simply better than any other fitness club out there! 

Think about it... You go to the gym... Perhaps you have a partner that you stay on a routine with. Perhaps you don't. Maybe your partner shows up most of the time, maybe they don't. Maybe you are the partner that never shows up! Either way, Crossfit isn't like that. Everyone does the same workout in time slots the gym designates. For example a gym may have mooring workouts at 7AM and 8AM. An afternoon workout at 11am and 12PM. Then the evening workouts at 5PM, 6PM, and 7PM. They call these workouts WOD's (work out of the day). So all the people who show up, show up with the intent to work out! Everyone pushes each other. Everyone is constantly motivating you. They have coaches that walk the floors during the WOD and help with technique and motivation. And since everyone is doing the same workout, there is a natural push to do more, be better and go faster than those beside you! After a WOD, there are typically discussions among those who just completed the WOD, about the workout and individual success and/or failure. But the environment is simply amazing! It is a community workout at its best and I could go on and on about it and its structure, how to do it, how it works above the local gym level, etc. We have all heard about the Crossfit Games. If not, research it and be AMAZED! It leaves the most fit people wondering if they are actually even close to fit.  Honestly they are probably not even close to the competitors at the level of the games. But you can watch some film on it and judge for yourself. It's mind blowing. However, there are people out there that say Crossfit isn't this or that. Those people simply can't believe they wasted all their time only lifting. Those are the same people who probably skip leg days in the normal gyms. lol... But I don't think, no matter what side of the fence you are on, you can argue the shear tenacity of the workouts in Crossfit gyms.

On To The Media Work!

Like I said, we have been filming and recently started doing photographs at events held by a few boxes around us in NC and SC. It is so awesome to apart of these events and environments as people work together. Here is some of the recent work we have done.

These photographs are from a recent event held at Crossfit Ft Bragg located in Spring Lake, NC. Below that is also their "About Us" film we created for them!

Here is another short. It is a testimonial film we created for another Crossfit box in Myrtle Beach, SC called Breakers Crossfit!

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