Why Brides Should Start Hiring Their Wedding Videographer Before Their Photographer!

New Ability That Photographers Don't Want You To Know About!

The Debate! 

I know this post will cause many of my photo friends to criticize me and be all butt-hurt. But honestly I think most of them will agree that photography has been a dying biz for some time now. Everyone with a smartphone and editing app thinks they're photographers. It shows in a lot of work I come across in my daily business life. Not to mention there are so many willing to do so much now for soooo much cheaper than others, just to make a dollar. Putting a crippling value on those who are actually VERY talented in their craft.

However, there is another side of photographers and especially videographers who understand that tech is every changing. Some embrace it, while others swear to never let go of the past and insist on holding on the "good ole days". Such as when digital came out and many swore it would never take off (how's that going?)... 

There has long been the argument by photographers and videographers of what is the most important type of media you should have at your wedding.  Photographers obviously say photos are most important. Videographers say video is the most important (and we all know video is, lol).  Traditionally, photographers have always been the first vendors (outside of the venue and/or planner) to be hired. I know because we are often the last venue to get called. Wedding films most often seems to be an afterthought after a majority of the budget has been spent. Leaving unfortunate brides scrambling to wheel and deal to find someone to simply record the wedding (note the record word... Not to be confused with film).

Though photography has always reined as the media of choice for almost all weddings I have to agree that if you can afford and/or find a TRUE ARTISTIC Photographer, who knows true lighting techniques, and when to take the picture, (instead of a continuous shooting fanatic who is shooting like they are using a .50 cal machine gun), you are in store for some wonderful photography.

But if a photo is worth 1000 words, a great wedding film is worth a million! There is nothing like watching a well put together highlight of your wedding day! Plain and simple. I'm not talking about an over the top Hollywood Trailer (though they are nice for social media and marketing) I am talking about a highlight film (also by shot an artist) that showcases the trueness of the day. The love between the bride, groom and family. One that when you watch it, all the memories,  feelings and even smells you forgot come rolling back! 

But now brides don't HAVE to chose one of the other and/or two vendors! They can get ONE vendor to do both!

Something New Is Out!

There are camera's that are shaping the video and photo industry at the prosumer level. The  Panasonic GH4 and Sony A7S (Click Here For My Sony Review In The Works)! These cameras shoots 4k resolution video mode! The GH4 shoots 4k internally, the A7S shoots 4k to an external recorder! While the tech specs may not interest clients, it defiantly will interest wedding and event media vendors.  Previously to get photos out of video that were printable, you had to use a very high end Red Cinema Camera that cost 10's of thousands. Not with the GH4 and A7S. Both have their ups and downs but viewing a vendors work will always show the quality!

Pros -vs- Cons

While new equipment is great, there are still con's!


The Perfect Moment!!! When a photographer is taking a photo, they are shooting one shot and are even in continuous shooting, they are limited by the speed of the camera. But, while shooting video, we get 24, 30, 60 and up to 120 frames per second (most film in 24 or 30). Which means we can chose the most perfect "micro moment" or "micro expressions" to freeze and export! For example, the first kiss... While the kiss is "The Kiss", its most often the moments right before the lips touch, while they are reaching out, awaiting contact, that say's ALL the photo needs to say! So with video, as long as the camera is rolling and the film captures it, the artist can grab the PERFECT MOMENT most photographers miss!

While shooting 1080p you could get away with only using the photos digitally and/or printing smaller than a 4x7, but with 4k video now, you can print larger and still hold image quality! 

You will only need to hire one GOOD videographer / cinematographer who understands how to shoot for both and who can produce both products with great quality and vision! 

Potentially Less vendors running around your event and stumbling over one another! This also leads to only dealing with ONE vendor for media instead of two. Making the initial stage of hiring and the end process of receiving your media easier!



While some vendors won't turn away clients because they will loose money, keep in mind that  not every video vendor can shoot both! Shooting film with photos in mind requires a film artist to know their equipment and limitations. It also requires them to think like a photographer at times when if comes to shutter speeds other technical specs! Just make sure the vendor you are trying talking to can show products you are asking for! Proof is always in the pudding if you will!

Lighting for video and photos are different. Now if you only plan on using a "natural light" photographer (typically those who don't care to learn how to use a flash or money for HDMI or other continual lighting...) then this won't matter. But for those who want perfection and creativity in lighting then this is a con you need to know.... Video typically uses continuous lighting as photographers typically flash like the paparazzi at events. While most modern videographers / cinematographers don't use lighting (in most situations) due to equipment they use, you are going to miss technical lighting flash offers, unless you want a bright light continuously lurking around the rooms of your reception (not cool).

Another miss is the RAW format you get with todays cameras. RAW images allow you amazing control in post editing. The two new cameras released that shoot in 4k, don't film in RAW format. Show while they can make amazing photos from video they, won't have the editing ability RAW images offer. But honestly, you can edit the jpg files you pull from the video to still look amazing!

Not all vendors can produce both... While many may think they can or may promise they can, not all can. This is something new to not only photographers, but videographers as well! It's imperative your vendor understands the tech side so they don't produce fuzzy photos due to poor shutter speed selection. So this is not a tech for mom and pop or uncle Willie! lol 

Staging or Posing is an art! Photographer do this often, way more than most videographers I have come across. So if you want the traditional photos of family and friends in cool poses, it may not happen depending on the creativity of the vendor. Trust me, posing can be very difficult to master and you know bad posing when you see it! 



Well trained and knowledgeable videographers can do this with 1080p footage. You just simply won't be able to print very much. But if you are leaving the photos digital for online use or thumb drive storage, it doesn't matter. I just beg that clients keep in mind there are vendors who can do this, just make sure they have the creative vision and knowledge to shoot both!

There is ever changing tech in our field. We don't know what tomorrow holds. However, I firmly believe that photos are dwindling away and one day video will be even more amazing and this will be the way most will capture still frames as memories!

While this technique may not be for every client, it is a very real, viable options for all!

And, it's something we recently started doing!!! lol So if you need us, you know what to do! We travel all over NC, SC, the USA and the world!!

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nFocus Goes 4K!

What A Time In Film Tech!!!

Sony A7S Full Frame

This has been an exciting week for film and photography. The new Sony A7S is coming out July 1st that host a full frame, mirror less sensor with serious dynamic range and a ISO that reaches beyond 400,000... WOW. Talks of other cameras and future cameras are stirring up. Blogs are being fired up with lots of videos to show capabilities. It is most definitely and exciting time to be in this field! 

Panasonic GH4 4K Camera

Enters in the Panasonic GH4! This camera is turning heads! People are ditching their Canon full frame gear and selling out for this under $2k micro 4/3's sized sensor that shoots 4K footage internally. Other blogs report that Canon has expressed their lack of concern for the abilities they are willing to offer to consumers in this price range and the fact they not too long ago, released their version of a 4K cam that costs well over $5k, means they can't backtrack and eat their own product line.

It is crazy and its no different for us here at nFocus. We have ALWAYS, been Canon faithfuls and we will continue to use Canon's to shoot in certain situations, but we are also jumping ship in terms of staying with a company that hasn't really brought innovation, to small production since the release of the 5D Mk II (which was industry changing)! 

Yes, we are purchasing the GH4's to add to our gear box. Some cinematographers and videographers are wondering why! For us the answer is simple! 4K! We feel this is going to revolutionize the product line we offer and the way we shoot our events! We can now send out a well trained videographer with a GH4 shooting 4K, who can cover let's say, a wedding. That cinematographer will come back with the video for the clients film, as well as some amazing frames we can pull photos out of directly from the 4K footage. 4K footage will leave you with a photo somewhere around 8 mega pixels. Plenty to use for digital display as well as some decent printing ability! In essence, we can now be the wedding videographer and offer a package of photos w/ the film!

4K brings a whole new detail to films. Check out this video review! There are blogs out there that show the comparison with footage from both the GH4 and Canon 5D MK III. Its actually worth watching to see. The GH4 has so much more detail and sharpness in some aspects that the full frame doesn't.

Our Concerns...

Low Light

Noise isn't very attractive in most situations. To us anyways. Obviously a full frame sensor does well in low light; or at least better than a 4/3 sensor does as its sensor is bigger and gathers more light. 4/3 isn't well known for their low light ability. But with this camera, unless you are shooting in almost complete darkness with no lighting on camera, I happen to think it should be ok.


The 4/3's look is a bit different than that of the Canon we are used to shooting. One of my biggest concerns is losing the sharp, clean, image I have come to love with most of our films straight out of camera... However, I know with a little more skill in color grading, we can achieve close to the same look and feel as we are use too.


While we will still continue to use Canon gear for some situations, we will most likely be using the GH4 and building our stock in 4/3 lenses in hopes that the GH5 is even more awesome! 

It also is a wonderful thing that micro 4/3 camera and lens sizes are drastically smaller. Which mean less to carry, which means more time to focus on the shoot and less about lugging around heave gear. 

Another Pro that makes us, Happy Happy Happy is that fact that the Panasonic HD 2.8 lenses have O.I.S. which is something Canon lacks in most all of its L-Series Lenses!

While the GH4 is turning heads now... We can't wait to see what comes next!

Happy Shooting! 

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