nFocus Goes 4K!

What A Time In Film Tech!!!

Sony A7S Full Frame

This has been an exciting week for film and photography. The new Sony A7S is coming out July 1st that host a full frame, mirror less sensor with serious dynamic range and a ISO that reaches beyond 400,000... WOW. Talks of other cameras and future cameras are stirring up. Blogs are being fired up with lots of videos to show capabilities. It is most definitely and exciting time to be in this field! 

Panasonic GH4 4K Camera

Enters in the Panasonic GH4! This camera is turning heads! People are ditching their Canon full frame gear and selling out for this under $2k micro 4/3's sized sensor that shoots 4K footage internally. Other blogs report that Canon has expressed their lack of concern for the abilities they are willing to offer to consumers in this price range and the fact they not too long ago, released their version of a 4K cam that costs well over $5k, means they can't backtrack and eat their own product line.

It is crazy and its no different for us here at nFocus. We have ALWAYS, been Canon faithfuls and we will continue to use Canon's to shoot in certain situations, but we are also jumping ship in terms of staying with a company that hasn't really brought innovation, to small production since the release of the 5D Mk II (which was industry changing)! 

Yes, we are purchasing the GH4's to add to our gear box. Some cinematographers and videographers are wondering why! For us the answer is simple! 4K! We feel this is going to revolutionize the product line we offer and the way we shoot our events! We can now send out a well trained videographer with a GH4 shooting 4K, who can cover let's say, a wedding. That cinematographer will come back with the video for the clients film, as well as some amazing frames we can pull photos out of directly from the 4K footage. 4K footage will leave you with a photo somewhere around 8 mega pixels. Plenty to use for digital display as well as some decent printing ability! In essence, we can now be the wedding videographer and offer a package of photos w/ the film!

4K brings a whole new detail to films. Check out this video review! There are blogs out there that show the comparison with footage from both the GH4 and Canon 5D MK III. Its actually worth watching to see. The GH4 has so much more detail and sharpness in some aspects that the full frame doesn't.

Our Concerns...

Low Light

Noise isn't very attractive in most situations. To us anyways. Obviously a full frame sensor does well in low light; or at least better than a 4/3 sensor does as its sensor is bigger and gathers more light. 4/3 isn't well known for their low light ability. But with this camera, unless you are shooting in almost complete darkness with no lighting on camera, I happen to think it should be ok.


The 4/3's look is a bit different than that of the Canon we are used to shooting. One of my biggest concerns is losing the sharp, clean, image I have come to love with most of our films straight out of camera... However, I know with a little more skill in color grading, we can achieve close to the same look and feel as we are use too.


While we will still continue to use Canon gear for some situations, we will most likely be using the GH4 and building our stock in 4/3 lenses in hopes that the GH5 is even more awesome! 

It also is a wonderful thing that micro 4/3 camera and lens sizes are drastically smaller. Which mean less to carry, which means more time to focus on the shoot and less about lugging around heave gear. 

Another Pro that makes us, Happy Happy Happy is that fact that the Panasonic HD 2.8 lenses have O.I.S. which is something Canon lacks in most all of its L-Series Lenses!

While the GH4 is turning heads now... We can't wait to see what comes next!

Happy Shooting! 

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