United Way of Scotland County 2015 Womanless Beauty Pageant

The United Way of Scotland County held their first annual Womanless Beauty Pageant, at The Highlands in Laurinburg, NC this past Friday night on February 27th. It was a show that will definitely keep Laurinburg buzzing for weeks to come! As 15 well known contestants from the area took to the stage to show off their natural beauty and talent (or lack there of) to raise money for United Way. 

While I won't ruin how this past event went down, I will share with you that this is definitely a "must watch"! You are sure to see some of the most funny material you have seen in years! You are also sure to see somethings you will hope to forget! But there is no doubt that United Way of Scotland County has created an event that everyone in the area will look forward too each year. I also have no doubt this event will continue to sell out each and every year as it did this past event.

How To Purchase This Years Video

Purchasing this years film is easy! Just click below and follow the steps laid out! Its really easy! Click the large button below. It will take you to the Vimeo purchase page. Once you purchase, you can watch it online from you computer, phone or tablet. Or you can download it to your computer! Just keep in mind with downloading, it is a large file so download times will depend on your internet speed. Enjoy!

United Way of Scotland County Campaign Video by nFocus Pictures (2013)

This Years Video

We were contacted in the beginning of February to cover the event. But soon after being contacted, we started receiving questions about selling DVD's of the pageant. With time and technology moving past DVD's, we decided to sell the event as a download. Keep in mind that a portion of the purchases will go back to United Way! So while you may want to share the download (yes we know it happens), we would hope you would purchase your very own copy to help support such a great organization in this area! Also, if you are not familiar with some of the programs United Way of Scotland County helps with, take a look at their campaign video we shot for them (just above). It is eye opening how much United Way does and how many programs are in Scotland County! And as always, if you and/or your organization has a need for film, reach out to us!