Investing In Memories!

As a videographer (I have come to dislike that word), I see so many opportunities to capture such small events in peoples lives that mean so much now, but will most likely be forgotten in the future. We have all been a part of birthday parties, weddings, spiritual events such as baptisms, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, christenings and a whole lot of other events. While some people may hire someone to do photos, its not as common to hire someone to video the event. 

The Moment Behind The Thought...

The other day we filmed a small but powerful baptism for a couple. The baptism of their child. We have actually grown with this amazing couple as we have been called on to film many events in their lives together such as their wedding, bringing home their child and his baptism. But a conversation was struck up between the mother of the child and myself. She thanked me time and time again for coming out to film such a small event. I didn't charge much as my time invested was so little and being this couple has used us so much over the years, but it got me to thinking. Why don't we invest more into our memories?! 

Time Decay's Everything!

Our precious memories are so fragile yet so much of what we will want to have as time decays our body and brain. I have yet to meet an elderly person that says they remember every moment in their lives or wish they didn't have memories. It's just like I tell wedding clients... When the party is over, all you have left is what you invested in your film and photos. However, you can't save people from themselves... I have had couples tell us they didn't budget for film and it was an "after thought". But afterwards come back and wish they had given it more, because they decided not to have a video over a good DJ or an over the top catering service and it turned out to be great, but didn't last past the night. But this is much like life in general. 

I'm giving the advice!

We don't always do what's right of the long term, we want a quick reward or pleasure versus a long one. It's like investing in stocks. A financial planner will tell you that your investment portfolio needs to be diverse with both short and long term in mind. But some of us see the stock market booming and we chose to be overly aggressive and sometimes either lose it all, or walk away wishing we had taken the advice given. So I am not giving you the advice!!!

Invest Wisely!

I am not telling you to go out and spend your retirement on memories, but what I do want to do it encourage you to spend something! Invest in the moments in your life! In your child's life! These  moments can be shared for generations to come! You can either do a simple recording yourself, or find a professional to connect with that want to be a part of the memories in your family's lives.

Professionals Are People Too!

I know you may be thinking, "Professionals just want money". While there are those that just want money, that assumption couldn't be further from the truth. Yes money does pay bills.  But I know, there are also those you will find in the visual art world, that enjoy the moments and capturing them just as much if not more than money! This is the category we fall in. While we have done big city events, we are down to Earth people who are parents as well. Plus it doesn't hurt that we are southern. Being down to Earth and relatable are in our genes... But I know the same type of people we are exists all over. I know a few of them from the North East to the West Coast personally. While we simple can't do things for free, you will see that if you find the right professionals and you taper your expectations to fit your budget and the professionals talent, you will be amazed at what you can get! 


I hope you will see the importance of having memories recorded for the future. It is so important to share these events and have them documented for later. I have watched my wedding film so many times over the years. In times of hardship and struggle it reminds us of why we got married. In good times it shows us the fun we had. The same thing applies to all events. One thing I am glad for is that I see the importance of film and photo. Thats why I have so much of it of my two little ones. One day they will bring home "The One", and I get to show them all over again!


Jason Waston

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