Culinary Showcase Benefit Event Held At The Pinehurst Resort

The Event... 

Deborah Davis of Social Butterfly Event Planning contacted us and asked it we would be interested in covering the Moore County Chamber of Commerce, Annual Culinary Showcase Event. I had heard about the event before, but I didn't realize the event is a fund raiser, in which proceeds from the ticket sales, go to Sandhills Community College, Culinary Arts Scholarship Program. 

Having filmed at The Pinehurst Resort before, I knew the event would be just as awesome as the venue! There is nothing subpar about events held here and needless to say I wasn't let down. Having just stepped off a plane less then 4 hours prior to the event, coming from an visually rich and over the top wedding in NYC, held at the Millennium Hotel and Tribeca Rooftop, I was still astonished by the event as a whole. 

The place was buzzing with people and the smell of food filled the air! Laughter filled the hallways, smiles were on everyones faces and the ambiance of the environment was just great to be a part of! I wanted to kick myself immediately for not coming to prior events! 

Tasters get to sample food and/or wine from every vendor (if you can eat that much) and cast a vote on their favorites. At the end, two vendors are crowned for their dishes! One for best entree and the other for best dessert!

Working it!

Once I arrived, I walked the area to get an idea of how to cover it, I took up my camera and started walking to all the tables. I got a chance to talk with every owner or representative of each business in attendance. I also had the joy of talking with some of the actual students from the culinary arts program. Vendors had no doubt prepared their best and it was all on display! So I created this short video for everyone to view!


Plain and Simple! Make sure you show up at the 2015 Culinary Showcase! Great Food, Great Environment, Great Cause!

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