Non Profit Marketing and Informational Film

Everyone knows who United Way is! They are an amazing group that provide assistance to the community and community based programs in awesome ways! When United Way of Scotland County contacted us, they were looking for a film they could use to not only bring awareness to their organization, but also show to people, businesses and groups who would be interested in donating.

What they ended up with was a film that did all that and more! Most people know of United Way, but they don't know what all they do! The video showcased some of the ways United Way helps a community, as well as facts about the organization that people don't know!

What We Did

We set up in different locations with the lights, microphones and cameras needed to interview and film. We directed and coached the interviews and filming so it would all play into the film and what they wanted to showcase to their audience.

We didn't have a clue as to how awesome this program was and this film only shows a tiny bit of how much they do. I know the people who have seen this and those who will see it will be amazed as well!

Click Here To View The United Way of Scotland County Website!