Have family out of town and want to live stream your wedding ceremony? Or, are you a company and have an event you would like to share with a target audience? Most people and companies already have exactly who they want to share media with, on their social media platforms such as Facebook, or perhaps you have your own YouTube Channel. Either way, we professionally live stream events directly to those places, directly to your friends, family and/or clients, so you can share exactly what's happening at the exact moment it happens publicly or privately!


We are actually just like a traditional production company only our platform is more social instead of the television. We provide the service needed and equipment such as cameras, lights, mics, and even talent as required. But, unlike your traditional broadcast teams, most of our gear is wireless! That means we can be mobile and even in remote locations free of the hazards and nuisance of having cords and gear ran all over the place. 

Once we are finished with our live feed, you will always have the footage on whatever platform we share it too. Also, we record all the footage while we are live! This allows for any additional edits that may be requested afterwards. 


The events we can go live with are really endless. Whether it's a private family event such as a wedding ceremony or a funeral your family couldn't make it to, or a conference, concert, sporting event, church service, etc, we can cover it all! The options are wide open and the interest we have been receiving has really opened our eyes to exactly what’s possible! Our clients have had such success reaching people or sharing events. If you would like more information, just reach out and let us know!


Not only do we offer a professional livestream service, but we also offer over 20 years of media experience in helping you, and/or your organization, set up with the equipment to livestream your own events or services! That's right! Don't want to pay a company to livestream for you every time you go live? We can help you set up and select the best equipment for your needs based on your budget!