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The one word that best word to describes our love of media is passion! We are passionate about each and every product we create, from the smaller style weddings to the bigger productions needed by commercial industries. 


Jason Watson - Owner

As a child I use to play in the dark rooms of my grandparents photography studio, helping develop negatives. I loved the old style film. But nothing has inspired me more than the digital revolution. Not just photography but motion picture! The new abilities of today's DSLR's are mind blowing. But enough with the boring stuff.

I don't spend all my time behind the camera or computer. I've held many titles in my life such as, Director of Photography, Producer, Cinematographer, Grip, Chairman of a Non-Profit, Father, Husband, Police Officer, SCUBA Diver, just to name a few.

Needless to say, I've been around the block in many different aspects of life with experience in many different fields. But I have always been a visionary! I can see things as they happen in a different light than most and even before they happen at times. Perhaps this is why film and media are so important to me. I can express my vision though products I can actually create. With my team, nothing is impossible. We have experienced it all from small motion picture features to wedding videography. Website design to website hosting. iPad app designing to publishing. Photography to Artistry in multimedia. We love filming, creating and simply enjoying life! There isn't much we can't do and there isn't a better dedicated media team to your needs and goals than us. You come to us with a thought, we will draw it out with you and make it happen!